Nuked Ape #4116

Floor: 2.70 SOL   |   Rank: 2,765   |   Supply: 4,200

Apekind is shaken as Puff Valley has been affected by a nuclear accident. Through volunteer selection, a special detachment of Stoned Apes will go on a rescue mission to bring back their fellow apes. Nothing could prepare them for what they would see… Nuked Apes Form the Second Collection of StonedApeCrew, With Access to The SAC Ecosystem with Exclusive Alpha, Events & Rewards In The Upcoming Expansion Into the Cannabis Industry! Nuked Apes are the Perfect Launchpad for some Truly out of this World Cannabis Strains. Revenue generated from our upcoming NFT Incubator & SAC Cannabis Brand will be indirectly shared to holders. This is distributed through our Utility Token $PUFF & Incubator Token $ALL, earned by Staking Your Nuked Ape!