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Raffles & Varification Process

All raffles are handled by a fair and transaparent system used at

Raffles are performed by taking the list of entrants that purchased tickets using their bids and placed into the randomizer. The randomizer will use 3 computer generated dice to determin the number of rounds(spins) the list will be shuffled and showing the final list order declaring who has won by being in the 1st place spot. If a raffle has multiple winners the names after will be the additional winners (spot 2., spot 3., etc).

These raffles are hardcoded into the their websites so there no way to fake a raffle since each one is logged and time stamped. There is no way to tamper with the results as you will be able to see ALL raffles (valid up to 30 days) from Solbids profile. If a prized is NOT claimed in that 30 day window it will be relisted on site.

After the winner has been decided they will be able to claim their prize and see their name being displayed. We will also post the verification link below for others to verify.

As the process is currently manually done please allow up to 24 hours for a winner to be picked.

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